Join the challenge and ‘Choose To Refuse’ single-use plastic during July.

Plastic Free July started with a handful of participants in Western Australia in 2011, and has grown to more than 150 countries worldwide today. Their vision is a world without plastic waste.

I signed up for the challenge, and to be honest, I wanted to try my best to eliminate as much plastic as I can in my house, while being practical… I know that in South Africa, its hard (not impossible), to buy all our food, without plastic packaging – so when I signed up. I decided I was going to find simple solutions in my home to start with.

We don’t all have to be super hero’s when we start off on these challenges – we just have to start!

I started out with home-made toothpaste. My first recipe – we spat out! It tasted disgusting. My daughter and I laughed out loud at our awful concoction. My second recipe – not so bad. I will use it till its finished and will try to improve upon it. It has cinnamon and peppermint oil in it, I think I would prefer just the mint on its own.

I then decided, my kids and I go through way too many plastic shampoo and conditioner containers, so we have started experimenting with shampoo bars. The first bar was a huge success – we will share our recipes with you soon.

I have also purchase a safety razor, and will no longer purchase plastic disposable razors and blades. Holy smokes – are they expensive! But, when you work out the savings on the  stainless steel blades as opposed to the disposables – it’s worthwhile and you are saving the environment, by not using plastic razors.

My Dental Lace stock also arrived. Just added those to my website today. I am super excited to start trying that out. Instead of throwing away plastic dental floss containers, we now have glass refillable containers.

We are half way through the month, so I will keep trying to find simple ways to eliminate the plastic in my home. Ill share some more at the end of the month, along with our recipes….

  • Avoid landfill waste
  • Avoid single use plastic
  • Reduce your eco footprint
  • Signup for the challenge hereplastic-free-july-logo-straight-lge_(1)_750_993_70

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