How to take care of your bamboo toothbrush?

A few people have asked for tips on how to take care of your bamboo toothbrush and how to dispose of it correctly.

Bamboo is a natural product. It is best kept in a dry area. A normal closed toothbrush cup / holder that collects water is not an ideal place to store your toothbrush, as the water will cause your handle to swell. It’s best to keep your bamboo toothbrush in an open air toothbrush holder or any other dry area.

The bamboo handle may also fade over a period of time to a lighter colour – do not worry, this is a natural thing and it will not affect the actual toothbrush.

Dentists normally recommend you replace your toothbrush every 3 months – the same applies to your bamboo toothbrush. If you are a little “harder” on your toothbrush and the bristles start to fray, I would suggest you replace more often.

When it come time to dispose or recycle your toothbrush, use a pliers to remove the bristles from the head of the brush. The bamboo handle can be up cycled or composted at home, such a labels for your herb garden, stirring small pots of water paint for the kids etc. The nylon bristles cannot be recycled, so I remove them and add the to our ecobricks.

If you have any clever ways or pictures to share on what you have done with your old toothbrush handles, please feel free to share them with us.

Happy brushing. . .